Benzidine Yellow G Organic Pigment (Pigment Yellow 12)

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Product name  Pigment Yellow 12 Powder for Masterbatch
C.I.No.  21090
CAS No.  6358-85-6
Molecular Formula  C32H26CI2N6O4
Strength  100%
Appearance  color powder
Packing  Packed in 25kg bags
MOQ  500kgs
Payment  T/T, L/C, D/P
Lead Time  Within 15 days after order confirmation
Brand  Colorchem
Grade  Industrial grade
Moisture (%)  2.0
Water Soluble Matter (%)  1.5
Oil Absorption (ml/100g)  40-50
Fineness (80mesh) %  5.0
PH Value  7
Acid Resistance  5
Alkali Resistance  5
Heat Resistance (ºC)  180
Light Fastness  5


mainly used in ink(offset ink, water based ink, solvent based ink), plastic, paint, masterbatch, textile etc

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