Pigment Dye | High Concentration Solvent Black 27 for Intense Black

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Butyl cellosolve 400
Ethyl cellosolve 400
Toluene 100
Xylene ---
Mixed solvent 500
Cyclohexanone 550
methanol 150
ethanol 100
N-Butanol 50
Ethyl acetate 50
DMF 500
MEK 500
MYBK 500
DAA 500
Isopropanol 50
Alkali Resistance(5=Execllent, 1=Poor) 4-5
Acid Resistance(5=Execllent, 1=Poor) 4-5
Heat Resistance ( ºC ) 250
Light Fastness (8=Execllent, 1=Poor) 7-8


Mainly used for plastic coloring, also used in paint, ink and other supplies coloring

Product Information

Introducing our newest product, Solvent Black 27! This product is a highly sought after colorant primarily used for coloring plastics. However, it can also be used for coloring paints, inks, and other supplies. Its versatility and effectiveness make it the first choice of manufacturers in various industries.
The main advantage of Solvent Black 27 is its ability to create vibrant and long-lasting colours. It has excellent lightfastness and produces highly fade-resistant shades even under harsh environmental conditions. This makes it ideal for manufacturers who want to ensure their products retain their color and vibrancy over time.
Another major advantage of Solvent Black 27 is its compatibility with a wide variety of materials. It is a highly soluble colorant that can be easily incorporated into various product formulations. This allows manufacturers to customize their products and get the exact color specification they want. Whether you want to create a specific shade for plastics, paints, inks or other supplies, Solvent Black 27 can help you achieve your goals.
In summary, Solvent Black 27 is a versatile and effective colorant that helps manufacturers achieve vibrant and long-lasting colors in their products. Whether you're in the plastics, paints, inks, or other consumable industries, Solvent Black 27 is an excellent choice for creating custom color formulations. So why not give it a try and see what a difference it can make for your product?


Solvent Black 27 is a highly versatile and effective substance used in a wide variety of applications including wood coatings and packaging printing. Its unique properties make it especially suitable for use with a variety of different materials, including nitro varnishes, polyester resins, polyurethane resins, melamine resins, acrylic resins, amino resins, and more. Its outstanding performance and exceptional quality have made it a popular choice among countless manufacturers and industry professionals worldwide.
Solvent Black 27 is an invaluable resource for anyone in the industry when it comes to wood coatings. It is unmatched in its ability to enhance the color and durability of wood, providing long-lasting protection against wear, weathering and ageing. It is able to penetrate deep into the wood fibers, ensuring that the coating remains stable and resilient for years to come. Unlike other coatings, Solvent Black 27 has excellent scratch and abrasion resistance making it ideal for use in high traffic areas and heavily used furniture pieces.
In the world of packaging printing, Solvent Black 27 is a must-have for anyone looking to produce high-quality, vibrant and eye-catching images on plastic, foil and other materials. Its high gloss and excellent clarity make it ideal for coloring, while its ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions ensures that packaging remains intact and fresh for an extended period of time. Whether you are producing stickers, labels, or packaging materials for food, beverages or household goods, Solvent Black 27 is an essential ingredient to help you achieve the desired results.
In conclusion, Solvent Black 27 is a highly sought after product in a variety of applications including wood coatings and packaging printing. Its unrivaled features make it a popular choice among many industry professionals around the world. Whether you need to enhance the color and durability of your wood, or want to produce high quality packaging material, Solvent Black 27 is the ideal product for your needs. So why wait? Choose Solvent Black 27 today and take your production and output to the next level!

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